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Athens – The city where democracy was born

Athens – The city where democracy was born

Athens named after Greek goddess Athena is a beautiful city and attracts hundreds of tourists each year. According to the Greek Mythology, Athena is the protector of the city of Athens. As per history, Athens was founded by King Theseus and King Kodros was the last king of ancient Athens. The capital of Greece, Athens has always been the center of attraction and has been the most important contributor to the rich civilization of Ancient Greece.

Athens is very well connected and one can reach Athens via flight as there are many options for best Flight prices for Athens on the travel portal. Athens airport is a major hub and has direct and non-stop flights from major destinations. On reaching the airport, taking a metro or the suburban railways to reach the city is a good option.  There are other viable options like the express buses and taxis. One can choose as per their budget and time constraint, from the many available modes of transportation. The regional coaches and trains are very well networked and connect Athens to the other major cities of Greece.


Most important places to visit in Athens

  • Acropolis – the fortified town of Ancient Athens is a house to the famous temple of Athena Nike. Acropolis is the most famous landmark of Athens and is synonymous with democracy, education, and inspiration
  • The Ancient Agora – the beautiful temple of Hephaestus, the Attalos Stoa give a glimpse of the ancient Greek civilization
  • Syntagma Square – is the Parliament building and is a beautiful sight to be observed like the changing of the guards each hour
  • The Kerameikos— this is the ancient cemetery of Athens, this place has a museum which houses many archaeological belongings from the past
  • The Temple of Olympian Zeus—though one can only find the ruins now but the place has a remarkable history behind it, the Olympic Stadium of 1896 and Hadrian’s Arch are situated close to this place
  • Panathinaiko Stadium— the most celebrated stadium which was the host to the first modern day Olympic Games of 1896, is a magnificent and eloquent site



Athens is famous for many annual events which draws huge crowd from different parts of the globe.

Out of these events, Art-Athina which is an event featuring contemporary art is very famous and attracts art lovers, art collectors across the world. Athens photo festival is another such event which is famous for bringing together the photographers who get to showcase their art of photography and talk about the modern trends evolving in this field.



The most recommended place to stay in Athens is near the Acropolis in Plaka or in the Anafiotika neighbourhoods , as these are well  located places right at the heart of the city and all major sightseeing places are located nearby. AVA hotel Athens , O & B Athens Boutique Hotel , Grande Bretange Hotel are few noted and famous luxury hotels which offer 5 star facilities and coy and peaceful  ambience. But if you are looking for cheap hotel reservation, there are multiple cheap hotels in Athens with Hotel Deals in Athens. There are also hotels available in Plaka which are very good and have convenient options. Hotel Acropolis House is the best option when it comes to hotel best prices in Athens and true value for money.

Athens is blessed with eateries that are a boon to the taste buds, places like the Funky Gourmet, Spondi, Matsuhisa, Orizontes, Aegeli Zappeio offer food that is delight to the soul and the delicacies are to die for.

Athens is also famous for pubs and bars where one can relax and unwind. Galaxy Bar, on the top floor of Hilton, is one of the best options to party. Amongst the others, Alexander’s Bar, TAF, Seven jokers are the famous bars known for their ambiance and services.



There are some beautiful options to explore if you are a sea or beach lover. Athens boasts of some of the best beaches with am amazingly great water quality. It’s just a few miles drive to add a dash of tranquillity to your schedule.


Astir Vouliagmeni means “in the chic southern suburb of Vouliagmeni”. Astir provides a full range of high-quality services across the beach. You have free WiFi, booking slots for sun-loungers and an array of coffees, ice creams, food and drink.


Kavouri is covered with pine-trees and expensive villas. One of the more popular swim spots is the Megalo Kavouri towards the tip of the western coast where you can get sunbeds for free. Popular sports like playing ‘raketes’ or beach paddle ball is a common sight.


One of the more popular swim spots  located in the southern suburb of Voula. Here also one can get a range of high quality services and sunbeds. The speciality is that there are beach parties and often organized with well-known Greek Singers and performances.